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Design Thinking Student’s name Institution Which fork in the road would you take – craft or future? Why? Future, because today the world is changing swiftly and so is the field of design thinking. This field is changing and becoming central to business and education. Contrary to what many people think, design is not about making things look good or attractive rather it is a way of thinking (Normon, n.d). Considering the volatility of the world it is increasingly difficult for designers to ignore the global challenges facing humankind. Ranging from social and political unrest, climate change, economic and social injustice, therefore everyone has a responsibility of considering how our present and future design affects the experience and products developed. This implies that design can no longer be applied as an afterthought in any firm. As such designers must take proactive steps to redefine their distinct roles beyond craft to that of future. Designs oriented on the future will i...
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