Details about the Two Respondents Respondent Dissertation Example

Category: Computer science
Subcategory: Education
Level: University
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Name Professor Course Date Details about the Two Respondents Respondent #1 The first respondent is Kristina E. Hatch and she is an expert respondent having studied and published numerous papers on how the young generation utilizes technology. In the effect, her article Determining the effects of Technology on Children provides an insightful review of the topic CITATION Hat11 p 31 l 1033 (Hatch 31). She had a degree in Computer science and was “part of the Honors Program at the University of Rhode Island in 2011”CITATION Hat11 p 1 l 1033 (Hatch 1). Her academic background in computer science and statistics together with the research done makes her a perfect respondent for topics concerning technology and the effect on the learning process. Owing to the long distance and other personal commitment the respondent might have, the interview will consist of series of emails and phone calls. The answers will be in the form of email replies that are pasted into a word document or thr...

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