DHL Express is part of the large German logistics company Dissertation Example

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Name Tutor Course Date DHL Express DHL Express is part of the large German logistics company referred to as the Deutsche Post DHL, which is headquartered in Bonn, Germany (Page n.p). The organization provides international courier services, express mail, and parcel delivery services throughout the world. It is notable that Deutsche Post DHL is the globe's largest logistics organization and transports commodities through air and sea routes (Page n.p). Currently, Deutsche Post DHL has been attempting to exploit the online delivery market in the United States without success (Page n.p). Precisely, the company is facing direct and indirect competition from FedEx Corporation and the United Parcel Services Inc. Nevertheless, the management is targeting the public e-commerce market to challenge the rivals and increase the profit margins. The article by Paul Page focuses more on products maintenance and supply management as inventory and distribution solutions respectively (Page n.p). Er...

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