Different perspectives exist in the economic discipline Dissertation Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Robert Mundell Different perspectives exist in the economic discipline. Economists fall into different schools of economic thoughts which shape their views of the various economic concepts and approaches to economic problems. This paper is present research on Robert Mundell, a Canada born economist who currently teaches at the University of Hong Kong and Columbia University. The paper is in three sections; the first section presents the sources used in the research, the second section presents a summary of important facts about this economist, and the third section presents a personal analysis of the assignment. Section A: Sources Used This section presents the sources that were used in the research about Robert Mundell. The section is in the form of annotated bibliography giving the source reference and a description of what the source entails. Buchanan, Akerlof Allais Arrow Aumann Becker, et al. "Ideological Profiles of the Economics Laureates." Econ J...

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