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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Interviewing and Counseling Observations about Deliberate Attending Does he or she tend to talk more? The person tends to give more details of the information when the listener is attentive than for non-attentive party since he or she has noticed that the audience or the next person is interested in the information conveyed. The brain network modulates fast activation of the communication part of the brain. Attentive posture makes the person have interest and motivation to pass the idea. Does his or her body language change? Body language during communication depends on the attitude of the listener. The other party begins to use gestures and facial expressions to emphasize the concepts or message (Brownell, 45). The reaction of a person who is listening or talking depends on the attention and listening skills. Maintaining attention when listening makes the person focus on the conversation and give descriptiv...

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