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Discussion Week 2 ECN221 1Student`s Name Institution of Affiliation Discussion Week 2 ECN221_1 Inflation is the continuous rise in prices of goods and services as a result of the devaluation of the currency. In short, as inflation rises, every dollar one buys a smaller percentage of product or service. It reduces the purchasing power of a currency. Inflation is measured as an annual percentage change as it involves increase or decrease in prices over a specific period. It is difficult to measure inflation, but most nations measure it by selecting some goods that represent the economy and comparing the cost of these goods over time. The resulting calculation is the price index, which shows the rate of inflation. The formula for calculating the rate of inflation is Percentage Change=Change divided by Original price. Inflation plays a vital role in the economy as it determines the amount of money in the marketplace (Amadeo, 2016). It shows a country`s economy is growing due to in...

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