Free Discussion Week 4 (chapter 4) Dissertation Example

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Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Counseling One of the verbal interactions that the helpee utilized was asking ambiguous questions. This helped her by making her relaxed and be ready for the counseling session. Apart from helping her it also helped me to understand that the helpee was struggling in revealing her secret. The non-verbal interactions employed by the helpee was fidgeting which was not helpful at all as this interfered with her concentration. The struggle with the helpee on whether to reveal the secret surrounded on whether I will be judgmental or not. According to (Okun, & Ricki) the reluctance among helpee in sharing secrets is due to shame, or fear to expose the secret and also fear the indirect or direct judgment by the counselor. Therefore, as the interview continued the helpee kept on asking questions on the questions I asked so as to understand my position on the issue. I realized the helpee was struggling to reveal the secret whe...

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