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Aviation Questions Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Aviation Questions Question 1: Anti-Terrorism System Design Various designs can be adopted, such as the use of X-rays that are capable of tracing contours of a person and reveal any hidden object, such as drugs and explosives. Also, the quadrupole resonance scanning can identify potentially dangerous materials in suitcases by examining energy wavelengths emitted by the suitcase contents. Polygraphs have been implemented to detect whether passengers are lying. Lastly,…

Six questions as listed in papaer instructions

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Aviation Questions Name Institution Aviation Questions Q 1: History of Counterterrorism The two major counterterrorism tactics developed and put to use before the late 20th century are subversion and infiltration. Subversion can be said to be the act of other throwing the leadership or the ruling body of a certain country. This counterterrorism tactic is used mainly by powerful nations who want to overturn a government that may be sponsoring terrorist attacks against it (Rosenau,…

Are we certain that the sun will rise tomorrow?

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ARE WE CERTAIN THAT THE SUN WILL RISE TOMORROW? If an inquiry is to be made on the street in the state of the sun rising tomorrow, one is bound to get an affirmative answer. This is an argument that is based on an observation that throughout the life of an individual, the sun has risen every day. Scholars have raised arguments that there is no definite way of knowing if the sun will rise…

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Name Tutor Course Date Is Global warming a serious Threat? The world today is being faced with global warming which is a serious threat to the survival of humans because of the vast amount of industries coming up which emit toxic gases causing the greenhouse effect hence global warming. According to Jean Chemnick,” Deadly climate change could threaten most of the world's human population by the end of this century without efforts well beyond those…

Aviation Security

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Aviation security Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Aviation security is a combination of the techniques used to protect the staff or the plane passengers from attacks and criminal activities. The presenter of the video clearly states that the aviation security must involve the human and resources to provide adequate safety against the attacks and any unlawful interference. Common attacks related to the aviation include bombing, threats, loss of property and sabotage (Hugo 2016). Terrorist attacks are…

terrorist attacks

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Terrorism attacks Name Institution affiliation Introduction Terrorism is one of the most critical areas that the homeland security deals with. Two of such memorably devastating attacks hit the US in the year 2001 and hit the American people to the core. The September 11 attack entailed bombing and the bombers hijacked jets bound for New York and crashed the World Trade Centre based in New York (Federal Emergency Agency 2004). In October 5th, an American…

communication management

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The decision to Appoint a New CEO for Sydney Airport Name Institution Executive Summary Sidney airport has been at the forefront in contributing to the growth of the Australian economy and going forward there are plans in place to give the airport a good placing at the global market. The goal is to be able to tap into the huge potential that is there on the global stage. To achieve this, the management and leadership…