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Share a coke

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Tutor: Student: Course: Date: Share a Coke This advert is set in the US in a major city. The time is towards evening as the sun spreads its descending rays. It can be seen from the introduction that the commercial is meant to advertise the consumption of Coca-Cola brand. This brand has been among the best in its ads regarding their settings and participants. Although the introduction indicated descending sun rays, a teenager runs to…

Challenges to Cultural Competence

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Challenges to Cultural Competence Name Institution Challenges to Cultural Competence Cultural competence refers to the ability of a social worker to provide a service to the patient in a way that meets the standards set by the societal social-cultural and linguistic needs. It involves knowing the cultural practices and the semantic composition that the patient belongs. Providing this kind of service requires that an individual is well equipped with the patient's cultural, political, religion and…

Injection Molding

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Injection Molding Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Types of Plastic Production Techniques Production techniques for plastic materials depend on the equipment available and thermal characteristics of the polymer used. Molding polymer material to form different shapes requires proper dies and tools to make the final product (Frizelle, 2011, 206). Standard techniques for manufacturing plastic products include the following: Injection molding where the raw, heated raw material is forced into the mold. Extrusion method where granules and…

Destination of UK

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Destination of UK Name of the course Professor Name of the institution City and State Date Brighton City Photos Brighton is one of the cities in Europe that has been considered to be rich in cultural practices. The main features that attract the tourism in the town are the film, galleries, museum and even the nightlife, opera and many more unique forms of the drama. The many exhibitions at the venue of the galleries and…