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wellness vision

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Wellness Vision A wellness plan is meant to enable one to achieve perfect lifestyles in their individual lives. As I developed my wellness plan, I took time to assess my wellbeing in various aspects. The physical, emotional, social and occupational wellness. I realized that I had there were some goals in aspects of my life such as the physical, social and professional that I had not yet achieved and…

Experiential Learning Accounting 201

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Experiential learning entails learning through experiences. This form of learning equips learners with first-hand experience, skills, and knowledge towards a particular topic or a discipline. According to (Fuglister, Stegmoyer, & Castrigano n.p), experiential learning in accounting enables the learners to gain practical skills and be at par with any change in the generally accepted accounting principles. In other words, the accounting students translate the accounting theories learned in classrooms into practical experience outside classrooms. This…

Design thinking

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Design Thinking Student’s name Institution Which fork in the road would you take – craft or future? Why? Future, because today the world is changing swiftly and so is the field of design thinking. This field is changing and becoming central to business and education. Contrary to what many people think, design is not about making things look good or attractive rather it is a way of thinking (Normon, n.d). Considering the volatility of the…

A Feasibility Study of a New Product

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A Feasibility Study of a New Product and Online Sales At Beyond Meat Company Prepared by ……………INDICATE YOUR NAME Project Manager Submitted to Beyond Meat Company Executive Staffs and Board of Directors April 29th, 2018 CONTENTS TOC o "1-3" h z u EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc515213245 h 1INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc515213246 h 2BACKGROUND AND THE OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT PAGEREF _Toc515213247 h 3ANALYSIS OF THE PRODUCT PAGEREF _Toc515213248 h 3MARKET ANALYSIS PAGEREF _Toc515213249 h 4FINANCIAL PROJECTION PAGEREF _Toc515213250…


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The Portrayals of Men and Women by the Media Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Abstract For time immemorial, numerous debates have emerged on the conflicting relationship between gender equality and media representation of men and women in challenging or either supporting such stereotypes. Nevertheless, whenever we look at the media, we see it has perceived men as the patriarch and has made women servants of patriarchy by portraying them as child keepers, domestic workers, and servants…

Project Proposal

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BUSN20016 RESEARCH IN BUSINESS, T1, 2018 ASSESSMENT 3 PROJECT TITLE: Factors Influencing Level of Customer Satisfaction and loyalty at Internode: Does brand equity have a role to play? Student’s full name: Student ID: Tutor’s name: Campus: ASSESSMENT SHEET Criteria Total marks Marks obtained Overall comments A statement of the problem, research aim, objectives and research questions 10 Justification and potential output of the research 10 Conceptual framework 10 Methodology, organization of the study, project budget…


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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name The Mini Web Marketing Plan Outline Date Executive Summary The Lake View restaurant is a fast food restaurant that provides not only fast foods but also organic health foods. The meals provided are three-course meals and also take-outs. The competitors are Gloria Jean’s and Brumby’s bakeries which are franchises owned individually and form a chain of retail markets. The target markets for the food store are people working in…

Port Security

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Port Security Name Institution A hypothesis is an explanation or a supposition that is temporarily accepted so as to interpret definite phenomena or events and to offer guidance for more investigation. A hypothesis could be proven wrong or correct and should be proficient in refutation. If it stays unrefuted by actualities, it is considered corroborated or verified. Therefore, I will develop a hypothesis concerning the port security in the United States. In this paper, the…

Providing Effective feedback

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Providing Effective Feedback Student’s name Institution Abstract One of the most widely used management tools is the job performance review. The reviews are conducted to help determine how each employee is doing and whether their performance is congruent with the planned goals of the business they work for. Feedback from job performance review is communicated to the employees to help them determine their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve their performance. If effectively…

Communication and Global wo

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International Business Communications Name Institution Affiliation Abstract page Conducting business in an area that has different cultures require proper planning and investigation of the cultural differences that exist in the areas where the business is to be started. This investigation can be done easily using the Hofstede’s cultural six dimensions; the dimensions include the individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation, indulgence, and power distance. In the coffee business that is yet to be started by…

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