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Western Cordelia

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Western Cordillera Name University Western Cordillera General information on the area Climate change refers to the abnormal rise in temperatures of the surface and is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, according to scientists. This excerpt will analyze the impacts of climate change on Western Cordillera. Western Cordillera is a region that is found in the West Canadian region. It harbours different provinces like Yukon, Alberta and British Columbia. The three major cities…


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Communication Name: Institution: Date Communication Communication is the process of information conveyance from one individual to another (Cornelissen, 2017). The communication process encompasses different elements. They include sender, encoding, message, the channel of communication, receiver, decoding and feedback. The sender refers to the individual who conceptualizes an idea which he or she intends to send to another person. In encoding, the sender utilizes words, symbols and signs to convert the idea to a message (Cornelissen,…


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Name Professor Course Number Date Information Systems Interview Report Background San Gabriel Valley Medical Center is a medium size health organization providing comprehensive outpatient and inpatient services. The hospital handles nearly 700 outpatient cases daily and with a minimum of 100 referrals from nearby hospitals. The facility boasts of over 500 physicians and 1000 other employees (San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, n.d.). The facility is located at 438 W Las Tunas, in the United States.…

Abstract Southwest Airlines

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External Environmental Analysis Name Institution Abstract Southwest Airlines is among the most prosperous carriers in the United States. However, Southwest Airlines operates in a business that is struggling to make profits. The slow economic progress and rising fuel prices are depressing earnings whereas revenues stay unchanged, Hence the need for the airline to carry out an external environmental analysis. This is meant to identify external and internal factors that can affect the performance of the…

Can brick-and-mortar stores compete with the online giants?

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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Can Brick-and-mortar Stores Compete with the Online Giants? Introduction Brick and Mortar is a street side business that serves its customers orally in an office or a store that the company owns or has rented out somewhere. There are numerous examples of the common one including the local grocery store and the corner bank stores. When it comes to competition, the Brick and Mortar stores do not usually find it…

2-1 Peer Review Discussion: Mission and Vision Graphic

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Peer Review Discussion-Mission and Vision Graphic Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Mission Statement To become the best provider of health care services in the region by using the patient portal to offer patient-centered care. Vision Statement We offer patient-centered care through patient engagement to improve patient satisfaction. The Project The patient portal will improve engagement between practitioners and clients thus reducing the costs of running already conducted tests, improving patient satisfaction, and increasing referrals (McNeill, 2016).…

Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Name Institution Intellectual property and the impact of counterfeit merchandise in the United States economy Intellectual property is the establishment of the cognizance, such as artistic and literary works, inventions, symbols and designs, images and names utilized in commerce. It is also the safeguard of mind’s creations, which have a commercial and a moral value. Thus, intellectual property is guarded by law, for instance, copyright, patents, and trademarks that enable persons to earn…

Challenges to Cultural Competence

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Challenges to Cultural Competence Name Institution Challenges to Cultural Competence Cultural competence refers to the ability of a social worker to provide a service to the patient in a way that meets the standards set by the societal social-cultural and linguistic needs. It involves knowing the cultural practices and the semantic composition that the patient belongs. Providing this kind of service requires that an individual is well equipped with the patient's cultural, political, religion and…

Discussion on US Counterterrorism since 9/11

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Discussion on US Counterterrorism since 9/11: Success or Failure Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Discussion on US Counterterrorism since 9/11: Success or Failure US counterterrorism in the US since 9/11 has been successful owing to the military response that the US has initiated against ISIS, al-Qaeda, as well as other terrorist organizations. For instance, in 2001, there were no organizations like the Transportation and Safety Administration, which would not allow blacklisted individuals from accessing the American…

Professional Leadership

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Professional Leadership Students Name Institutional Affiliation Professional Leadership M4 One leadership theory which best resonates with me is the theory of transformative learning. The reason is that the theory helps me to learn about social, economic as well as political professional contradictions regarding oppressive reality elements. Based on the descriptive entry, I think professional leadership wholly depends on organizational viability. Effective leaders often engage in leadership behaviors which are professional like the setting of missions,…

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