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Globalization Impact and Commercialization of Sports Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Globalization Impact and Commercialization of Sports Introduction Sport refers to the institutionalized competitive activity which involves exertion of complex physical skills by the players who are motivated by either external or internal rewards or both (Coakley, 2015). It plays a significant role in the society and hence, it is an area that has attracted the attention of many sociologists. Sport is presented as an institution that holds an essential position in the society. However, various cu...


INFLUENCES ON CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR AND VICTIM BLAMING (Author) (Class) (Professor) (Institution) (State) (Date) Influences on Criminal Behavior and Victim Blaming Introduction Crime is taken to imply any form of behavior that violates the formal laws meant to govern the social, economic and political conduct of a society. Several theories have been developed to try and explain the reasons being people committing crimes. The theories describe the psychological, sociological, classical school and biological state of the person committing a crime. The biological explanation to criminal behavior, i...

Human Trafficking

HUMAN TRAFFICKING By Student Name Course Tutor Institutional Affiliation Date Human Trafficking Human trafficking is one of the major crimes of the current century which international forces are struggling to put to an end. The most affected population consists of the women, mostly young women, and children (Okech 2017, pg. 2). It is estimated that about ninety-nine percent of the victims being sexually exploited are women (ILO, 2017, np). By 2016, reports by the International Labor Organization indicated that about 40.3 million people are victims of human trafficking with 24.9 million...

The Death Penalty In the essay

Name Professor Title Date The Death Penalty In the essay Why the United States Will Join the Rest of the World in Abandoning Capital Punishment, Stephen B. Bright seeks to explore the myriad of reasons why the United States should end capital punishment. In this, the writer explores the current state of the judicial punishment within the country while contrasting it with specific nights. According to him, most of the Americans possess little knowledge of both present and past realities of capital punishment (Bedau& Cassell, 152). Though different states hold diverse views on the subject, t...
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