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Abstract Southwest Airlines

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External Environmental Analysis Name Institution Abstract Southwest Airlines is among the most prosperous carriers in the United States. However, Southwest Airlines operates in a business that is struggling to make profits. The slow economic progress and rising fuel prices are depressing earnings whereas revenues stay unchanged, Hence the need for the airline to carry out an external environmental analysis. This is meant to identify external and internal factors that can affect the performance of the…

Can brick-and-mortar stores compete with the online giants?

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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Can Brick-and-mortar Stores Compete with the Online Giants? Introduction Brick and Mortar is a street side business that serves its customers orally in an office or a store that the company owns or has rented out somewhere. There are numerous examples of the common one including the local grocery store and the corner bank stores. When it comes to competition, the Brick and Mortar stores do not usually find it…

E-Business System Report for Walmart

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E-Business System Report for Walmart Name Institutional Affiliation E-Business System Report for Walmart Introduction The E-business system report will focus on the analysis of Walmart, a retail store that was established in 1962 by Sam Walton in its initial location in Arkansas. Since the establishment, the store has over the years expanded its operation within the United States and globally. With the massive expansion, the store has created employment for 1.4 million individuals within the…


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Portfolio Assignment A Day in Your Life in the Global Economy Name: Net ID: When you complete this assignment, save it in a portfolio folder you will later submit after lesson 8. This portfolio folder will contain portfolio items you will be collecting throughout the course. The market revolution never really stopped. The American economy shifted from local to national markets between the Revolution and the Civil War, but after that the main trend became…

Writer's choice

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AMAZON FRESH SERVICE Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State) Date On top of the Amazon Prime is the Amazon fresh, service that is based on membership. The Amazon fresh involves the services of grocery delivery that is now available in some particular states in the United States. Others include Tokyo, London and in Berlin, Germany among other capital areas. The experience with AmazonFresh involves doing the shopping of grocery through the online market…

Arrow Global Group Operational Management

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Student Name Professor’s Name Course Date Arrow Global Group Operational Management Win Arrow Global Group has been honored with two awards at the business transformation and operational excellence awards. The company was praised for its click and to ship process improvement dynamism, initiated to improve on the same-day shipping realization of orders made through Arrow.com. Through creating and successful execution of a strategic, action-oriented, cross-functional structure to streamline methods of processing data throughout the e-commerce…

A Feasibility Study of a New Product

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A Feasibility Study of a New Product and Online Sales At Beyond Meat Company Prepared by ……………INDICATE YOUR NAME Project Manager Submitted to Beyond Meat Company Executive Staffs and Board of Directors April 29th, 2018 CONTENTS TOC o "1-3" h z u EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc515213245 h 1INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc515213246 h 2BACKGROUND AND THE OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT PAGEREF _Toc515213247 h 3ANALYSIS OF THE PRODUCT PAGEREF _Toc515213248 h 3MARKET ANALYSIS PAGEREF _Toc515213249 h 4FINANCIAL PROJECTION PAGEREF _Toc515213250…

DHL Express is part of the large German logistics company

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Name Tutor Course Date DHL Express DHL Express is part of the large German logistics company referred to as the Deutsche Post DHL, which is headquartered in Bonn, Germany (Page n.p). The organization provides international courier services, express mail, and parcel delivery services throughout the world. It is notable that Deutsche Post DHL is the globe's largest logistics organization and transports commodities through air and sea routes (Page n.p). Currently, Deutsche Post DHL has been…

Team Campaign Strategy

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Tumble Weed Tiny House Hotel Advertisement Student`s Name Institution Affiliation TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC o "1-3" h z u Team Campaign Strategy PAGEREF _Toc514778973 h 2Media Objectives PAGEREF _Toc514778975 h 2Message Strategy PAGEREF _Toc514778976 h 4Message Objective PAGEREF _Toc514778977 h 4Media planning and selling PAGEREF _Toc514778978 h 4 Team Campaign Strategy The objective of the advertisement for the tumbleweed hotels is to fetch new customers and maintain their current clients. Conversely, the hotel targets to…