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Thermal Imagery Institution

Thermal Imagery Institution Date: Why are orbits of land observation satellites so low relative to those of communications satellites?The land surveying satellites are purposely for observing the earth and their orbits tend to be a little lower and closer to the earth. They are meant to capture visible light images thus the reason as to why they are lower than those of communication satellites ("Satellites and orbits," 2013). Communication satellite orbits are put at a higher height because they need to receive and transmit signals for long distances. 2) In what way would thermal imagery be i...
Answers to Questions Name Institutional Affiliation Answers to Questions Question 1 Image mosaicking may pose problems when matching several images together at the edges. One of the problems that one may encounter is black overlap when mosaicking because some images may have similar spatial references at their edges. Additional, there is need to form 3D structure from different structure nodes used. Further, one may face a problem of eliminating seams from the mosaics. Geometric deformations also need to be corrected when using image data and camera nodes CITATION Gup17 l 1033 (Gupta, 201...
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