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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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Invitation Letter Name Institutional Affiliation Course Date [Name] [Address] USA [Phone number] [25th/5/2018] United States Citizenship and Immigration Services [Los Angeles County Field Office] [300 North Los Angeles Street], [CA 90012] [Los Angeles] Re: Invitation to the United States It is with an absolute pleasure that I, [Emma Gonzalez], ID number [123455] wish to invite [Anne Hathaway], a citizen of the [Bahamas] to the United States of America. The purpose of her visit is to…

Human resources in business

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HUMAN RESOURCES IN BUSINESS by (name) Course Tutor University City, State Date of submission Question 1 Traditional business performance indicators mostly relied on financial metrics or the ability of a business to achieve the necessary financial goals (Rosova & Balog, 2012, p. 3). In this case, one could measure the performance of a business through earnings indicators. These are expressed through the company’s net income gained after payment of taxes and before any interest is…

Title: A comparative evaluation of the use of carbon footprint calculators to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

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A COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF THE USE OF CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATORS TO MITIGATE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS By (Name) The Course (Name of the Class) The Course instructor (Professor) The Institution The City and State location The Date The history of carbon calculators and their use in agriculture Introduction The recent climatic changes experienced in different parts of the world continue to have numerous disastrous consequences on the globe. They are responsible for environmental changes linked to…

generational benefit plans

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Generational Benefit Plans Student’s Name Institution Generational Benefit Plans The Veteran generation, also known as the silent generation refers to the children who were born before 1945. They came to the world in a time where kids were to be seen and not heard. The veteran generation was brought up in times like the World War II and Great Depression, there having a job is important to them. For this reason, they are seen to…

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Aviation Questions Students Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date submitted: Question 1 In forestry field, satellites are fundamental when it comes to the aspect of observation compared to aircraft-borne sensors. Satellites allow coverage of large area thus enabling regional surveyors to identify large features. It allows for constant coverage of a city. Collecting data across a variety of resolutions and scales is easy. Color composite is obtained from three different band images that ensure that the details…

Marriott Corporation Form 10-K

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Marriot Corporation Financial Analysis Name Institutional affiliation Marriot Corporation Financial Analysis Debt to income ratio is primarily used to determine the risk level of a company by investors. It requires a combination of other financial health measures to certify the credibility of a firm. Marriot Corporation debt ratio can be calculated by dividing its debts with total assets. That equates ($8,238/$23,984) =0.3435 and ($8,506/$24,140) =0.3524 for 2017 and 2016 respectively (figures in million dollars). When…

Situational Business Analysis Paper

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Situational Business Analysis Paper Institution Affiliation Course Professor's Name Date TOC h u z Section I Industry Analysis: Luxury Hotel PAGEREF _Toc517734726 h 3A.Industry Profile PAGEREF _Toc517734727 h 31. Industry Classification PAGEREF _Toc517734728 h 32. Size and Growth PAGEREF _Toc517734729 h 63. Government Regulations PAGEREF _Toc517734730 h 8Section II Company Analysis: Marriott International Inc. PAGEREF _Toc517734731 h 10A. Company Profile PAGEREF _Toc517734732 h 101. Industry Classification PAGEREF _Toc517734733 h 102. Size and Growth PAGEREF _Toc517734734…