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Aviation Questions Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Aviation Questions Question 1: Anti-Terrorism System Design Various designs can be adopted, such as the use of X-rays that are capable of tracing contours of a person and reveal any hidden object, such as drugs and explosives. Also, the quadrupole resonance scanning can identify potentially dangerous materials in suitcases by examining energy wavelengths emitted by the suitcase contents. Polygraphs have been implemented to detect whether passengers are lying. Lastly,…

Homeland Security

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Homeland Security Name Institution Intellectual property and the impact of counterfeit merchandise in the United States economy Intellectual property is the establishment of the cognizance, such as artistic and literary works, inventions, symbols and designs, images and names utilized in commerce. It is also the safeguard of mind’s creations, which have a commercial and a moral value. Thus, intellectual property is guarded by law, for instance, copyright, patents, and trademarks that enable persons to earn…

Social Welfare of Seniors Introduction

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Social Welfare of Seniors Introduction I visited the Center Home Hispanic Elderly North that is located in Chicago. The home hosts elderly people from the Hispanic community in Chicago who have chronic health problems and require special care. Most of the seniors hosted at the center are above 70 years old and suffer from various conditions associated with old age such as arthritis, dementia, diabetes, and various cardiovascular conditions.…

presidents job performance Donald Trump

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course:Date: President’s Job Performance: Donald Trump After his election win in November 2016, President Donald Trump turned his focus to delivering on his campaign promises. Trump had based his campaign on issues such as taxation, immigration, health care as well as foreign policy. However, in delivering these promises to Americans, Trump has faced significant obstacles and scored the lowest approval rating for any modern president. Although he has delivered on issues…


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Checks and Balances Author’s Name Institution Checks and Balances The United States is composed of three branches of government. The branches are the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Executive. These branches make the checks and balances system, where each has defined powers and limits. Therefore, limits of each branch are defined by the checks while the powers of each branch are defined by the balances. This system is vital for democracy since it prevents total…


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Name Instructor Course Date Immigration Immigration refers to the international movement of foreigners into a country that does not belong to them. Immigrants are the people who move into a new destination where they are not citizens so that they can settle and reside in. immigrants usually go to a country so that they can get employment, find settlement or get naturalized into the country like the other citizens. Immigration have been part of the…

Is a Collage Education Worth the P rice Tag

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date Outline: College Education is Worth the Price Tag Introduction Background- The cost of college education has been on the rise over the last few years (Blumenstyk 67). On average, according to the 2016-2017 academic year report, private colleges charge $33,480 for tuition costs and fees while public colleges charge $9,650 (McFarland et al. 19). Thesis: College education is worth the price tag. First reason The disparity in earnings between…

Human Trafficking

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HUMAN TRAFFICKING By Student Name Course Tutor Institutional Affiliation Date Human Trafficking Human trafficking is one of the major crimes of the current century which international forces are struggling to put to an end. The most affected population consists of the women, mostly young women, and children (Okech 2017, pg. 2). It is estimated that about ninety-nine percent of the victims being sexually exploited are women (ILO, 2017, np). By 2016, reports by the…

Skeleton Paper

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Skeleton Paper: The US Government Should Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants With Donald Trump’s administration now fighting the Californian authority for what he calls “being too soft” on immigrants, it becomes clear to the entire world that the issue of immigrants is a complex one. As such, America can be in a better position accommodating immigrants than deporting them. The US government should grant amnesty to the current immigrants…

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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Invitation Letter Name Institutional Affiliation Course Date [Name] [Address] USA [Phone number] [25th/5/2018] United States Citizenship and Immigration Services [Los Angeles County Field Office] [300 North Los Angeles Street], [CA 90012] [Los Angeles] Re: Invitation to the United States It is with an absolute pleasure that I, [Emma Gonzalez], ID number [123455] wish to invite [Anne Hathaway], a citizen of the [Bahamas] to the United States of America. The purpose of her visit is to…