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Name Institution Course Date Why is Australia relationship with Indonesian considered difficult and complicated? Australia and Indonesia are two neighbouring nations but they a have a complex relationship. The two nations differ in terms of population, worldview, economics, race, geography, history, culture, language and religion. More importantly, they have a challenging relationship, which started in 1999 when the military and political leadership of Indonesia suffered humiliation after Australia led stabilization forces in East Timor, where Indonesia had occupied and annexed s...

Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit Name Institution Exxon Mobil Company Marketing Project: Marketing Audit Unit 3: Price, Place & Promotion Abstract The purpose of a marketing audit is to determine areas of a company that proves to be problematic and those that prove to be opportunities. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of ExxonMobil’s business marketing environment. The paper explores both the internal and external environments of the company. The analysis digs deep into the company’s goals and objectives. Remember, goals and objectives are supposed to increase the focus of any company. Wha...

Western Cordelia

Western Cordillera Name University Western Cordillera General information on the area Climate change refers to the abnormal rise in temperatures of the surface and is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, according to scientists. This excerpt will analyze the impacts of climate change on Western Cordillera. Western Cordillera is a region that is found in the West Canadian region. It harbours different provinces like Yukon, Alberta and British Columbia. The three major cities in this region are; Vancouver (49.2827° N, 123.1207° W), Victoria (48.4284° N, 123.3656° W), and Kewolna ...
The American Health Care Act Student’s Name University Affiliation The American Health Care Act Abstract Efforts to change and replace Obamacare has led to the introduction of the American Health Care Act, a bill that seeks to negate the gains made on Medicaid and eliminate tax penalties. While the bill supported by members of the Republican Party, it has significant negative implications on access to healthcare. In this visit to the Senate, I will provide a leave behind that demonstrate why the senator should vote against the bill. Though the current Senate member for Florida as a member...
Name Instructor Course Date Abstract The Berlin Crisis refers to the events of 1961 that resulted into the construction of the Berlin wall. The primary conflict occurred amid the U. S and the Soviet Union (USSR) about the split Germany city in Berlin. The events ensuing to the crisis of 1961 can be traced back to the year 1948 when USSR obstructed the United States from getting into their territories on the Western side of Berlin. The Soviet Union gave an ultimatum to the United Kingdom, the US and France to surrender their territories within Berlin but they were adamant. Therefore, the Soviet...
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