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Professional Leadership

Professional Leadership Students Name Institutional Affiliation Professional Leadership M4 One leadership theory which best resonates with me is the theory of transformative learning. The reason is that the theory helps me to learn about social, economic as well as political professional contradictions regarding oppressive reality elements. Based on the descriptive entry, I think professional leadership wholly depends on organizational viability. Effective leaders often engage in leadership behaviors which are professional like the setting of missions, establishing effective processes aimed at...
Forming A Team and Selecting the Member Student’s name Institution Abstract The concept of teams in workplaces is not a new phenomenon. Majority of contemporary organizations organize workers into groups with specific tasks. Active teams have individuals with shared views and goals concerning particular responsibilities. It is noteworthy that the formation of units is not a guarantee of organizational success. Instead, the success of teams depends on the level of collaboration among members. In that line, it is evident that individual characteristics are the primary determinants of team pe...
Conservatism vs. Liberalism and Its Impact on Australian Education System Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Conservatism vs. Liberalism and Its Impact on Current Australia Education System Introduction Ideologies are set of beliefs that govern the manner in which people carry out their daily activities. The running of public works relies on the beliefs of the people. The Australian education system relies on ideologies which determine the effective model that the government approves to facilitate the learning of the Australian students. The ideologies were developed by individuals ...


Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Liberal International or Rules-Based Order Liberal International Order is an American led initiative in the global environment. It implies that the current international relations concepts and practices are based on certain significant guiding principles. These principles include liberal democracy, open market, American leadership in global issues, and multilateral institutions. In the contemporary society, the United States is a leader in world affairs. For example, it is the leading nation in the global counterterrorism efforts. It has b...


Student’s Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: Michael Kors Company Effective human resource management is vital in managing a company. And also human resource management includes among others the basic functions of planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating activities in the organization. These functions are all important in the managing process in the Michael Kors Company (Abramson and Wholey 38). On the same note, these functions, however, are not stand alone functions as they are interrelated and each requires the other to function well. According to Tampoe, planning ...
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