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Culture Is Learned

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Student’s Name Professor Course Date Culture Is Learned Culture is learned as opposed to being innate. It is shared behavior and therefore it is not individual. It is practiced by a group of people that helps to give them a way of behaving. Culture is, therefore, learned behavior that is passed on from one generation to another. Culture is also learned through the socialization process. A socialization process exists when a child is born and…

David Crystal is a linguist and author from Britain

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date 2b or Not 2b?” by David Crystal (899) Summary Introduction David Crystal is a linguist and author from Britain. He is a former student of a University College in London where he studied English and is a University of Wales lecturer. Apart from being a renowned linguist, he has academic interests in forensic linguists, the learning of the English Language and its teaching, clinical linguistics, and death of language.…