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Culture Is Learned

Student’s Name Professor Course Date Culture Is Learned Culture is learned as opposed to being innate. It is shared behavior and therefore it is not individual. It is practiced by a group of people that helps to give them a way of behaving. Culture is, therefore, learned behavior that is passed on from one generation to another. Culture is also learned through the socialization process. A socialization process exists when a child is born and goes on throughout life. Culture is taught through the socialization process. Cultural transmission in most cases happens due to the cumulative inheri...
Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date 2b or Not 2b?” by David Crystal (899) Summary Introduction David Crystal is a linguist and author from Britain. He is a former student of a University College in London where he studied English and is a University of Wales lecturer. Apart from being a renowned linguist, he has academic interests in forensic linguists, the learning of the English Language and its teaching, clinical linguistics, and death of language. Following his interest in English and in literature, he wrote a book on texting called “Txting: The gr8 Db8.” Body David in th...
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