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Homeland Security

Words: 1100
Pages: 4

Homeland Security Name Institution Intellectual property and the impact of counterfeit merchandise in the United States economy Intellectual property is the establishment of the cognizance, such as artistic and literary works, inventions, symbols and designs, images and names utilized in commerce. It is also the safeguard of mind’s creations, which have a commercial and a moral value. Thus, intellectual property is guarded by law, for instance, copyright, patents, and trademarks that enable persons to earn…

Title: A comparative evaluation of the use of carbon footprint calculators to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Words: 1925
Pages: 7

A COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF THE USE OF CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATORS TO MITIGATE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS By (Name) The Course (Name of the Class) The Course instructor (Professor) The Institution The City and State location The Date The history of carbon calculators and their use in agriculture Introduction The recent climatic changes experienced in different parts of the world continue to have numerous disastrous consequences on the globe. They are responsible for environmental changes linked to…

Port Security

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Pages: 1

Port Security Name Institution A hypothesis is an explanation or a supposition that is temporarily accepted so as to interpret definite phenomena or events and to offer guidance for more investigation. A hypothesis could be proven wrong or correct and should be proficient in refutation. If it stays unrefuted by actualities, it is considered corroborated or verified. Therefore, I will develop a hypothesis concerning the port security in the United States. In this paper, the…