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Name Professor Course Date Poetry The Winning Streak The art of winning is not hard to master So many a dream it is for every team Gaining the victory is always a rock The hare asked the best player in practice Are you willing to give your best? Achieving victory defines greatness Nobody likes losing! It is dishonorable As a practice, makes perfect a man Taking falls as encouragement to toil Seek the advice of great grand achievers. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! The sound of victory so sweet The struggle significantly evident Rewarding excellence, a willful win Run along that rocky hill back and for...
MPH Job Posting First Last Name Date Institution Occupational Health Project Manager Job The job posting requires an Occupational health project manager, for UnitedHealth Group in Minnetonka, USA. From the job requirements, the manager needs to have Masters in public health (MPH). At the UnitedHealth Group, is an equal opportunity employer, with all the applicants who are qualified being considered without bias to race, sex or genetic information. For this job, I feel it need an MPH as an essential factor qualification ( 2018). There are a number of reasons why I feel, an occu...

The Fall of the House of Dixie

Name: Tutor's Name:Course: Date: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF DIXIE By 1860 the Southern region of the United States of America had become substantially wealthy. The wealth and power were, however, distributed among a small minority that owned large plantations and achieved agricultural success through slave labor. The largest population in the South consisted of whites who did not keep slaves. Although these people were not as wealthy as the fewer landowners, they generally accepted slavery as a need if not a necessity for the people who owned the big parcels. However, a revolution that had star...

Statement of Purpose Since

Student’s Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: Statement of Purpose Since my childhood, I have constantly developed more and more curiosity about how machines operate. My curiosity was never satisfied by the outer appearance of the machines anymore, and I was constantly looking forward to learning more about how these machines operate. I have always dreamt of learning, from all kinds of vehicles people used in daily life to the super-speed Hyperloop we may use in the future; from simple computer tools used for children’s entertainment to haptic interface robots used for surgery. My caree...
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