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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Discussion Question – Response Step 1 To deal with the uncertainty about the advice I would give, I would first research more about schizophrenia condition, especially whether is possible to have and care for a baby. I would also look out for case studies of those who have been in the couple’s situation and how they managed their condition in their family life. Lastly, I would gather videos and other photographic content on schizophrenia which can help me make better decision regarding the dilemma of the couple. In reacting to the scen...
The American Health Care Act Student’s Name University Affiliation The American Health Care Act Abstract Efforts to change and replace Obamacare has led to the introduction of the American Health Care Act, a bill that seeks to negate the gains made on Medicaid and eliminate tax penalties. While the bill supported by members of the Republican Party, it has significant negative implications on access to healthcare. In this visit to the Senate, I will provide a leave behind that demonstrate why the senator should vote against the bill. Though the current Senate member for Florida as a member...
Name Instructor Course Date Executive summary Our current interior designs software system though good, can much be improved. The system has many features, yes, but the cost-effectiveness of the system can be changed in many ways. Although we have managed to produce, the best designs much to the total revenues that we have, there still much room for improvement with the current new features for interior design that can improve efficiency and productivity. The introduction of a new software system produces new features such as improved rendering, AutoCAD, Sketchup, and many more features. With...

Professional Leadership

Professional Leadership Students Name Institutional Affiliation Professional Leadership M4 One leadership theory which best resonates with me is the theory of transformative learning. The reason is that the theory helps me to learn about social, economic as well as political professional contradictions regarding oppressive reality elements. Based on the descriptive entry, I think professional leadership wholly depends on organizational viability. Effective leaders often engage in leadership behaviors which are professional like the setting of missions, establishing effective processes aimed at...

World war two as an historical

Professor’s name: Student’s name: Course: Date: World war two as an historical an event Introduction The Second World War is among the remarkable historical events of 20th century. It is world’s historical event because it led to various effects on the countries involved and those who were not involved. This historical analysis was formulated by a great historian called Philip on his historical papers basing on the culture and how various communities and civilians address the issue of warfare and violence. This rubric paper attempts to describe the various causes of this historical activ...
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