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Marketing Audit

Words: 1650
Pages: 6

Marketing Audit Name Institution Exxon Mobil Company Marketing Project: Marketing Audit Unit 3: Price, Place & Promotion Abstract The purpose of a marketing audit is to determine areas of a company that proves to be problematic and those that prove to be opportunities. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of ExxonMobil’s business marketing environment. The paper explores both the internal and external environments of the company. The analysis digs deep into the company’s goals and…

Marketing Mix Project- Asus computers

Words: 1100
Pages: 4

Analysis of Asus Computers Company Students Name Institutional Affiliations Introduction The Asus Computers Company has worked over the years to ensure that it provides customers with high standard tablets, desktops, and their main product, Asus laptops. To have their name on top of the list, as a producer of both consumer and business products, the company has consistently satisfied customer wants through a pocket-friendly pricing system and effective distribution of the products for convenience purposes…

Can brick-and-mortar stores compete with the online giants?

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Pages: 7

Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Can Brick-and-mortar Stores Compete with the Online Giants? Introduction Brick and Mortar is a street side business that serves its customers orally in an office or a store that the company owns or has rented out somewhere. There are numerous examples of the common one including the local grocery store and the corner bank stores. When it comes to competition, the Brick and Mortar stores do not usually find it…

Strategic Analysis Report for Cobra Beer

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Pages: 15

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS REPORT FOR COBRA BEER COMPANY Student Name: Student ID number: Module title: Strategic Perspectives Module code: Date: Seminar Leaders Names: Title of the report: A Strategic Analysis Report For the Cobra Beer Company Word count: 4300 Words Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc518422538 h 4The Strategic Analysis Report for Cobra Beer PAGEREF _Toc518422539 h 5Introduction PAGEREF _Toc518422540 h 5QUESTION 1 PAGEREF _Toc518422541 h 6Strategic Elements and Competitive Forces…

E-Business System Report for Walmart

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Pages: 8

E-Business System Report for Walmart Name Institutional Affiliation E-Business System Report for Walmart Introduction The E-business system report will focus on the analysis of Walmart, a retail store that was established in 1962 by Sam Walton in its initial location in Arkansas. Since the establishment, the store has over the years expanded its operation within the United States and globally. With the massive expansion, the store has created employment for 1.4 million individuals within the…

There are 5 different assignments

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COCA-COLA MARKETING CONCEPTS AND INTERNAL RELATIONS By Course Professor’s Name Institution Location of Institution Date Coca-Cola Marketing Concepts and Internal Relations Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the among the leading beverage companies around the world. The success of these companies is underscored in the strategy of the marketing mix in its activities. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi apply marketing mix in diverse ways. According to Kotler and Armstrong (2013, p.51) product refers to goods as well as…


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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name The Mini Web Marketing Plan Outline Date Executive Summary The Lake View restaurant is a fast food restaurant that provides not only fast foods but also organic health foods. The meals provided are three-course meals and also take-outs. The competitors are Gloria Jean’s and Brumby’s bakeries which are franchises owned individually and form a chain of retail markets. The target markets for the food store are people working in…