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Marketing Audit

Words: 1650
Pages: 6

Marketing Audit Name Institution Exxon Mobil Company Marketing Project: Marketing Audit Unit 3: Price, Place & Promotion Abstract The purpose of a marketing audit is to determine areas of a company that proves to be problematic and those that prove to be opportunities. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of ExxonMobil’s business marketing environment. The paper explores both the internal and external environments of the company. The analysis digs deep into the company’s goals and…


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Pages: 5

Name Professor Course Number Date Information Systems Interview Report Background San Gabriel Valley Medical Center is a medium size health organization providing comprehensive outpatient and inpatient services. The hospital handles nearly 700 outpatient cases daily and with a minimum of 100 referrals from nearby hospitals. The facility boasts of over 500 physicians and 1000 other employees (San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, n.d.). The facility is located at 438 W Las Tunas, in the United States.…

Abstract Southwest Airlines

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Pages: 3

External Environmental Analysis Name Institution Abstract Southwest Airlines is among the most prosperous carriers in the United States. However, Southwest Airlines operates in a business that is struggling to make profits. The slow economic progress and rising fuel prices are depressing earnings whereas revenues stay unchanged, Hence the need for the airline to carry out an external environmental analysis. This is meant to identify external and internal factors that can affect the performance of the…

Renewing computer software for efficiency

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Name Instructor Course Date Executive summary Our current interior designs software system though good, can much be improved. The system has many features, yes, but the cost-effectiveness of the system can be changed in many ways. Although we have managed to produce, the best designs much to the total revenues that we have, there still much room for improvement with the current new features for interior design that can improve efficiency and productivity. The introduction…

Can brick-and-mortar stores compete with the online giants?

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Pages: 7

Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Can Brick-and-mortar Stores Compete with the Online Giants? Introduction Brick and Mortar is a street side business that serves its customers orally in an office or a store that the company owns or has rented out somewhere. There are numerous examples of the common one including the local grocery store and the corner bank stores. When it comes to competition, the Brick and Mortar stores do not usually find it…

Timeline of Masterpieces of World Literature

Words: 2200
Pages: 4

Student’s Name Professor’s Name ENG 201 Due Date Timeline of Masterpieces of World Literature Earliest Literature Epic of Gilgamesh-Anonymous-2000 B.C. Theme: Gender Roles. I have chosen this theme to show the role played by women in bringing change to the society. Epic of Gilgamesh is a story based on Gilgamesh, who was not only a careless but a cruel king as well. He spent most of his time attaining foreign lands, raping women and fatiguing…

Stem cell research

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Pages: 4

Name Tutor Course Date Stem Cell Research Overview of the topic In chapter 17, one of the most highlighted questions is the non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for Downs Syndrome (Yashon, Ronnee, and Cummings 542). The non-invasive prenatal testing analyzes the blood sample of a fetus through the placenta. As a result, the test can identify whether there is an increased risk of delivering a child with any genetic disorder. Although the screening cannot determine if…

Strategic Analysis Report for Cobra Beer

Words: 4125
Pages: 15

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS REPORT FOR COBRA BEER COMPANY Student Name: Student ID number: Module title: Strategic Perspectives Module code: Date: Seminar Leaders Names: Title of the report: A Strategic Analysis Report For the Cobra Beer Company Word count: 4300 Words Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc518422538 h 4The Strategic Analysis Report for Cobra Beer PAGEREF _Toc518422539 h 5Introduction PAGEREF _Toc518422540 h 5QUESTION 1 PAGEREF _Toc518422541 h 6Strategic Elements and Competitive Forces…

Edge effect and nest predation

Words: 2200
Pages: 8

EDGE EFFECT AND NEST PREDATION By Name Course Instructor Institution Location Date Abstract Scientific studies of predation rates in nesting bird’s eggs in fragmented ecosystems have shown a prevalence of higher predation on eggs than in a non-disturbed landscape. In this study, in particular, we conducted a two-week field exercise, where plastic eggs were left at different locations across Queensland University of Technology (QUT) scientific ecological research facility (SERF) in the Samford Valley, QLD which…

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Pages: 4

Research Plan: Student's Name: Institution Affiliation: Abstract The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a great historical event that marked a turning point in humanity based on the use of atomic energy as weapons of mass destruction. It was an event with significant implications in the form of death and destruction. However, atomic bombs are associated with radioactive materials that are used for the generation of energy. Radiation poisoning characterized the aftermath of the…

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