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Young student writing dissertation methodology A dissertation methodology chapter is one of the key chapters of your work. Writing it can turn out to be very challenging, especially for those who have difficulties with expressing themselves on paper. Professionaldissertation.com offers professional assistance with dissertation methodology to every student, so your problem is almost solved!

What is dissertation methodology?

Dissertation methodology is a number of methods used during the research and this chapter usually takes from 10 to 15% of the whole paper. Either you collect new data or interview someone, make experiments or researches your paper requires this section undoubtedly. Here one should describe in details what methods were used and how they contributed to the creation of the whole dissertation, tough the structure of the chapter is much more complex.

A dissertation methodology chapter consists of:

  1. Philosophy;
  2. Approach that explains the research context and answers the main “w-” questions;
  3. Strategy and research design;
  4. Data collection procedure and analysis methods;
  5. The ethics and reliability of the research, its generalizability, and limitations.

Dissertation writers have to use a variety of methods as they conduct several types of researchers to complete a paper. These are primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative researchers as well as mixed ones. All of them are undertaken in different stages of research but must be obligatory described in this section.

Why We Can Help You

The writers at professionaldissertation.com are competent enough to give you help with dissertation writing because they know:

  • All the possible research methods
  • The ways to implement them
  • Peculiarities and problems in describing each method
  • The target points that chapter writing requires

A Few Useful Tips from Our Experts

Before you decide whether to hire a professional writer for your work or try to write it yourself, have a look at what it actually is like.

The key thing is to choose the research methods. How can you do this? Well, there are several important factors, and asking yourself these questions will help you find them out:

  • What kind of information should be collected?
  • Which methods can you use to collect the information?
    • Field work
    • Case studies, surveys, interviews
    • Experiments
  • Will that research provide enough data or will some additional sources be needed?
  • Do you know the published scientists who have experience in the field of your research?
  • What are the strong and weak points of each research method?
  • Would use only one research method be enough or would two or more methods be needed?
  • Is the method of research that you choose in the end the most effective one, compared to other methods?

See? There is plenty of information you need to find and analyze in order to write a dissertation methodology chapter properly. We will help you with all the aspects of this piece of writing so that you could eventually get a high grade for it.

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