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Special opportunities:

  • Help with choosing your dissertation topic. This stage is of particular significance, as the whole further process depends on it. Your theme should be:
      • interesting for you;
      • relevant and topical for the time;
      • not too wide (choose some concrete question, do not write all the theory you know);
      • not too narrow (doctoral dissertation is a serious work and should content a number of pages, which are difficult to write on the same question);
      • well researched, on the one hand, for you to find the needed information, and, on the other hand, it is good when some moments are not clear, here you suggest your solution.

    Having a good challenging topic and understanding what about you are going to write is already a half way to success.

  • You can also order a definite part of your work: introduction; any chapter, where you could not find information, did not manage to formulate your idea or did not know how to connect it with the main theme; summary or any appendixes you need.
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