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Make a list of key words for the text. Jot down whatever comes to mind Brain Obias Boart Arbor Boars Tarns Storm Trois Armors ArsinoSummarize and Synthesize Dyson main argument is on media framing and how the media can form false stories while discriminating people based on their races. He talks about the hurricane Katrina where the blacks were referred to as lotters and thieves who were creating disturbance during a hard time. The whites in the same event of taking foods and stuff from stores and homes were termed as utilizing the resources available for their survival. The media's discrimination on the blacks was an unfair act, and they never considered the hardship hurricane Katrina victims experienced. The main media concern was the act of crimes like murder, rape and stealing which were all false Dyson feels that the blacks are always framed by the media as t...

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