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E-Business System Report for Walmart Name Institutional Affiliation E-Business System Report for Walmart Introduction The E-business system report will focus on the analysis of Walmart, a retail store that was established in 1962 by Sam Walton in its initial location in Arkansas. Since the establishment, the store has over the years expanded its operation within the United States and globally. With the massive expansion, the store has created employment for 1.4 million individuals within the United States and a further 800,000 individuals who work for the organization outside the United States. Since 1962 when the store first opened its doors to the public, the operations at Walmart have grown to include 9600 retail shops with branches in 28 nations (Smith, 2018). In 2010 alone, the company realized revenue of $431.87 billion. The organization is successful with its position among the leading global operation being third. Amazon which represents the only direct competition for...

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