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EDGE EFFECT AND NEST PREDATION By Name Course Instructor Institution Location Date Abstract Scientific studies of predation rates in nesting bird’s eggs in fragmented ecosystems have shown a prevalence of higher predation on eggs than in a non-disturbed landscape. In this study, in particular, we conducted a two-week field exercise, where plastic eggs were left at different locations across Queensland University of Technology (QUT) scientific ecological research facility (SERF) in the Samford Valley, QLD which is covered almost entirely by native forest and has a high density of native animals. Eggs were collected after two weeks from three different habitat treatments: road edge, forest edge and forest interior and two different nest types: conceal arboreal and open arboreal. After collection, the data was compiled and analyzed using a chi-square regression test to test our null hypothesis which was that the frequency of predation does not differ between habitat tr...

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