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Electoral College Sample
Electoral College Student’s Name Institution Electoral College The Electoral College is a very essential body in the United States election. It is made up electors that are selected and cast their votes to determine the president as well as the vice president of the United States (Bromwich, 2016). Usually, 538 electors make up the Electoral College, and a candidate needs to get at least 270 wins of the votes. After every four years, voters engage in the poll and elect their preferred candidate for the president as well the vice president. However, the process is not like the winner-takes-it-all in most democratic nations. Instead, political parties select their electors for each state. The electors are usually party leaders, state-elected officials and other persons that possess a strong affiliation with the candidates in the presidential election. Every state is allocated a particular number of electoral votes depending on its population. Each state gets at least three electoral vo...
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