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Name Course Tutor Date Elementary English Course Outline Elementary rules of Usage: these rules should be constant regardless of the final constant. Formation of possessive singular of nouns through addition; in the usage of business organizations, the final comma is ignored. The usage of a comma in a case of more than three words with one conjunction. Comma placement before a conjunction that introduces a co-ordinate; subordinate clauses require substitution with phrases. Circling of a parenthetic term in between two commas; if conjunction appears before a parenthetic clause, the comma should precede the combination and not follow it. No joining of an independent clause using a comma. No division of one sentence in half. Usage of a participial phrase at the start of a sentence has to be grammatical. Composition Principles in Elementary English: Establish a specific style of an essay and employ it through the composition. Apply paragraphs as the composition units; one top...

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