Free ENGLISH PROJECT 3 PART B Dissertation Example

Category: English
Subcategory: Literature
Level: High School
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English project Student name Instructor Course Date Poetry Cinderella Cinderella you got me thinking of lies Lies that would I say unto your eyes Lies that would make you smile Lies that would make you fly And about your voice My second choice is your feeble strides Then the mold of a face The curves, everything perfectly in place The world will believe in you when am done In fairies to be told your descriptions will be used They will remember little about Cinderella And about her shoes Beauty will define you And if you feel I write lies You need to think twice Lest you die For before and when I ink I have seen and thought That in your eyes I might sink But my head remains afloat Bitter Truth I knew it wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows I will once be in darkness for days unending My spirit will be crushed And my faith will be tested My joy will be stolen My peace will be destroyed Justice is never promised by reality Still, I will...

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