Free English Spelling Errors Made by Arabic-Speaking Students Dissertation Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Article Summary Spelling is an elementary skill in literature, and it is vital in communication. Most EFL students are usually prone to spelling or mispronouncing certain monosyllabic words even after attending English classes for some years (Al-Busaidi, Al-Saqqaf 181-185). However, research indicates that some researchers and teachers tend to focus more on skills such as reading and speaking and forget about the minor details such as spelling and proper pronunciation. The article tries to explore the difficulties that the Arab students in University encounter in spelling English terms. Vowels are considered to be very challenging and irregular as compared to the consonants, simply as a result the apparent mismatch that exists between the graphemes and phonemes (Al-Busaidi, Al-Saqqaf 181-185). English tends to be challenging to the Arab students because the Arabic language has a different number of vowels compared to English and their pronunciat...

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