Free essay on similarties and difference between fahrenheit 451 and our society along with how Ray Bradburys symbolism supports the theme of f451 Dissertation Example

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Professor’s name Student’s name Course name Date  Fahrenheit 451 Similarities According to Ray Bradbury in his book Fahrenheit 451, there comes a time when there will be massive censorship of outmoded books or even all of them. He says that the cause of censorship would be attributed to the people’s lack of interest in reading the books. Accordingly in our society today different forms of entertainment have developed especially due to the advancing technology. The interest people used to put on books is being diverted to the technological entertainment. Such entertainment forms as television, radio, and telephone in the current era is posing a stiff competition and gaining popularity when compared with those of book-lovers. This is because television and radio among other current entertainment forms are not as strenuous as studying books. The emergence of fast cars, attractive advertisements, and loud music according to Bradbury are interfering with time to concentrat...

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