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Handling Ethical Dilemmas by Christians Worldview Name Institutional Affiliation Handling Ethical Dilemmas by Christians Worldview To co-exist freely and happily with each other there is need to acknowledge and respect the various freedoms that are stipulated in the constitution. Nonetheless, there is need to take responsibility to enjoy one's freedoms as well. Further, religion places more responsibility in people for caring for others for being members of the same family of Christ. Given the sense of responsibility already instilled in everyone, some decision more so those that conflict with the various beliefs could at times become quite hard to make, raising a lot of ethical dilemmas. Ethical Dilemma TJ, for instance, is experiencing an ethical dilemma as to whether to quit watching pornography as it results in the suffering of other people, a realization he only came to recently since his previous argument was that he was hurting no one. The report on human trafficking (Ma...

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