Free Eventuality of the Earth’s Ocean going to Anoxia Dissertation Example

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SCI 100 Eventuality of the Earth's Ocean going to Anoxia Topic (Describe the topic discussed in your news story, providing details about the background of the topic.) Oxygen levels on land are just as crucial as those in the ocean. All aerobic marine organisms require oxygen to run their physiological processes, and its deficiency will render marine ecosystems inept. Ocean anoxia is basically the deoxygenation of marine environments due to various anthropogenic activities. This condition subjects marine organisms to great detriment, just as it would to human beings on the earth. Today, many oceans are well oxygenated to support aerobic life, and the sub-oxic region where the organic matter is broken down is quite normal. However, recent events of the mass death of fish and other marine organisms have prompted the question about the eventuality of the earth's oceans going anoxia. Main Idea (Identify the main idea or thesis in the news story you selected.) While many people disp...

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