Free Experiential Learning Accounting 201 Dissertation Example

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Experiential learning entails learning through experiences. This form of learning equips learners with first-hand experience, skills, and knowledge towards a particular topic or a discipline. According to (Fuglister, Stegmoyer, & Castrigano n.p), experiential learning in accounting enables the learners to gain practical skills and be at par with any change in the generally accepted accounting principles. In other words, the accounting students translate the accounting theories learned in classrooms into practical experience outside classrooms. This paper discusses the experiential learning accounting 201. 1. Develop desirable work habits and attitudes needed for success in business Desirable work habits include integrity, excellent communication skills, good public relations skills, self-motivation, flexibility, and the ability to cope with different dimensions of the work. The development of positive work ethics follows the exposure of the learners to different organizatio...

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