Free Eye Tracking and Brain Activity Analysis Dissertation Example

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Eye Tracking and Brain Analysis Student’s Name and ID Nos.: Abstract The research investigates eye movements and brain signal under different circumstances. The subject is to play a video game, fixate, gate and also think deeply with these cerebral signals obtained analyzed to if there is a relationship amongst the factors. The significance of this project is that we can determine whether video games affect brain stimulation, the major problem encountered is that EEG machines give weak signals. We expect to find a relationship between brain activities when the above is carried out. Through this neuroscientist can help patients with brain injuries better. Keywords: Eye movement, brain analysis, video games, EEG, REM Literature Review Over the past few decades, scientist and researchers have been collecting and recording data regarding electrical brain activities and their co-relation with eye movements in an attempt to broaden their knowledge in the field of neural mechanism...

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