Faith of Happy People by David G, Myers Dissertation Example

Category: Health
Subcategory: Reflection
Level: College
Pages: 2
Words: 550
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Name Course Instructor Date The Funds, Friends, And Faith of Happy People by David G, Myers Research questions This article talks about subjective well-being (happiness and life satisfaction). The main research questions that the author seeks to talk about include: How happy people are; the relationship between happiness and faith, economic growth, personal growth, and the close relationships. Methods The authors use different measures, manipulations, and observations to make their claims about the factors that promote people’s subjective well-being. The main means of data collection were surveys that were conducted by different bodies such as the National Opinion Research Center. Other sources include Multinational assessment reports, self-reports, polls, and the metanalysis of other relative reports. The data collected has been analyzed by the researchers with an aim of providing conclusive evidence with regards to different factors that influence subjective well-being. Re...

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