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Diverse Family Systems: Challenges and Approaches Name Institutional Affiliation Diverse Family Systems: Challenges and Approaches The world is now known as a global village and diversity is no longer a foreign term in society. As society grows to be more diverse, families also become diverse in numerous ways. For this assignment, I have chosen to tackle a family whose member is living with a disability. I shall focus on a family member with a hearing impairment since there are several types of disabilities. These families often face the challenge of high dependency by the member with a disability which leads the family to adjust to a different lifestyle. Some members of the family may have to change employment and routines while the primary family organization would be altered (Lara & De los Pinos, 2017). In a case where a family member has a hearing impairment, the most significant barrier they face is communication (Feher-Prout, 1996). The members of these families have to...

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