Fiddle on the Roof Dissertation Example

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Level: High School
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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Fiddle on the Roof Question 1 In the Musical Fiddle on the Roof, my favorite character is Tevye the Dairyman. Tevye is depicted as a middle-aged poor Jew struggling to survive with his family. Tevye plays a key role in the musical as a milkman and has five daughters. He speaks in an old-fashioned language with a cracky voice that reflects his struggles as a poor man. His voice can also be described as shaky but still audible, which makes him appealing to listen. His appearance is shaggy and rusty. He has Abe Lincoln beards which match the smoky-grey color of his hair. His eyes are fatigued and a world-weary face that shows his tiredness of life. His movement can be described as spiritless and leaden, and the clothes are scruffy due to the nature of his job as a milkman and a farmer. I am impressed with this character due to his vivacious and captivating attitude. His strong values in Jewish traditions and family values are remarkab...

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