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FINAL PROJECT PART II HEALTH HAZARD Name Institution Date Introduction Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. Most of the people living in Atlanta are African Americans followed by the whites. Additionally, HIV/AIDS has been a major health hazard in Atlanta, especially among African American gays and bisexual persons. The epidemic calls for an intensive and comprehensive program to address HIV spread and mortality rate. The current paper discusses my goals in community nursing to fight HIV/AIDS among African Americans and explains how partnering with the Office of HIV/AIDS (OHA) will aid the process. The Reason for Contacting L. William Lyons My name is Jane Doe, a nursing student at the University, pursuing a BSN program. I have decided to write this letter to you as the director of HIV/AIDS in OHA, Atlanta. I am planning a comprehensive program that will engage OHA in Atlanta. The basis of writing this letter is due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic among the African Amer...

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