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Generational Benefit Plans Student’s Name Institution Generational Benefit Plans The Veteran generation, also known as the silent generation refers to the children who were born before 1945. They came to the world in a time where kids were to be seen and not heard. The veteran generation was brought up in times like the World War II and Great Depression, there having a job is important to them. For this reason, they are seen to have very strong work ethics. This type of generation was in the military or married someone who served, therefore respect titles and seniority. They also believe in getting things done in the workplace and do not believe in impossible tasks. Moreover, the silent generation knows the need to put money away for a rainy day, having grown in lean times. Individuals from this generation are not too eager on the creating of a benefit plan. They work because they love what they do, so their interests fall on portable health plans and critical sickness covera...

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