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Genogram Interpretation Student’s Name University Affiliation Patterns of disease The client is suffering from Osteoarthritis disease, which can be traced from the patient's genealogy, specifically the grandparents. From the Genogram, it is evident that chronic diseases rock the history of the patient's family. These diseases include hypertension, diabetes, and the gastrointestinal disorders. This is true since, all patient's grandparents are diseased, though the causes of their deaths are not indicated. However, two patient's aunts succumbed to hypertension and heart respectively. On the other hand, the patient's mother and father are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders and colon cancer respectively (Baillie, 2013). Additionally, the patient's two brothers have also been affected by different chronic diseases. One of the brothers succumbed to hypertension, while the other brother is diabetic. As such, it can be concluded obesity is an inherited disorder in this family si...

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