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Checks and Balances Author’s Name Institution Checks and Balances The United States is composed of three branches of government. The branches are the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Executive. These branches make the checks and balances system, where each has defined powers and limits. Therefore, limits of each branch are defined by the checks while the powers of each branch are defined by the balances. This system is vital for democracy since it prevents total control of any branch of government ("Checks and Balances - Facts & Summary -," 2018). A Recent Incident of Checks and Balances and its Impact The Head of State is also the leader of the Executive. In the year 2017, the current US President Donald Trump encountered the checks and balances when he had given an order regarding immigration. However, the President came to learn that he has no total authority since a judge in Washington halted his executive order regarding immigration (Liptak, 2017). T...

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