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Great Expectation by Charles Dickens; an Annotation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Dickens, C., Law, G., & Pinnington, A. J. (1998). Great expectations. Peterborough, Ont: Broadview Press. The book is a narration by the major protagonist who named himself Pip and became to be known only by that name. Pip narrates his ordeal with the realities of life. In his first encounter with a wanted man, Magwitch, while resting amidst the tombstones, reminiscing about his parents, Pip helps the man, who later turns out to be a very good man to him. Under the care of his Uncle Pumblechook, Pip is taken to play at Satis House, a home owned by the rich Miss Havisham. It is here that Pip meets Estella, a beautiful young lady who he seems to fall in love with. The feeling is, however, not mutual. The lady lights up his dreams of being a gentleman, and one day marrying her off. This is not the case as his dreams are shattered when Miss Havisham labors him for cheap wages. At this...

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