Free Hamlet (Act 4 Scene 6) Dissertation Example

Hamlet (Act 4 Scene 6) Sample
High School
Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Questions and Answers Who is the author of this letter? The letter was written by Ophelia when she had just decided to ask her father about the Hamlet’s tenders. She seems to not understand her state as Hamlet’s charm is likely to have grasped her. Are they assuming the façade of another character? No What is the author’s current mood? By the time Ophelia is writing this letter, she is in the sad mood. This is because her brother, Laertes has just warned her of falling in love with prince Hamlet (Shakespeare, N.p). Besides, her father has also advised Ophelia about the risk it attracts being in a relationship with Hamlet. Failure of Hamlet to vividly come up and declare his love to her is also a probable reason why Ophelia is not happy in this scene. What mood does he/she present in the letter? Ophelia is expressing her feelings to Hamlet as she is confused and does not know what to do next since she has been warned by her male family members. ...
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