Free HANDS-ON Activity 7 – Content is Still King Dissertation Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Mini-content marketing strategies Green Thumb Garden Center’s strategy While expanding its online presence, this company should consider using the following content: Blog posts The blog posts are used to capture the customers’ attention in their decision-making stage (Kuenn 1). For this company, it can describe the products, the company’s reputation such as its long period of existence and share special knowledge with the customers. Videos The videos can be used to combine the product pictures and relevant audio messages directed towards the customers and feature the friendly and helpful customer care. They can effectively convince the customers in purchasing the company’s products. Free guides The free guides can be attached at the end of the aforementioned blog posts. They help the customers in making current and future purchase decisions. They will also assist the firm in collecting its customers’ demographics and email address...

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