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Health Care Student’s Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Crisis Management The society is a fundamental structure that keys in several aspects which can be both negative or positive. One of the universal phenomena that are deemed to happen in any society in a crisis. A crisis is anything that disrupts the regular happenings in any process. It is an uncontrollable event that happens and goes beyond the sensational skills making one unable to cope with ease. When a crisis occurs, it can take one by complete surprise and one may find it disruptive, uncontrollable and may even be chaotic in trying to manage or deal with its operations and general happening. A crisis is usually accompanied by people panicking and also getting disorganized as crisis deepens the frightening mode (Kanel, 2014). A crisis can both be an opportunity or even a danger depending on the circumstance and the environment under which it happens. There are various ways in which a crisis can be deemed as an oppo...

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