Healthcare informatics and system breaches Dissertation Example

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HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS AND SYSTEM BREACHES A Case of Anthem Inc. Health Organization Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The cases Healthcare Informatics and System Breaches are becoming prevalent. The 2015 Anthem Inc. data breach marks the largest scandal in history. Nevertheless, it helps other healthcare organizations to develop effective policies as they get to understand the core factors that propelled the security breach. Based on the Anthem Inc. case, most of the data breach is as a result of a vulnerable company’s website that is accessible to hackers. It can also be caused by failure to encrypt data files or the loss of personal devices that healthcare professionals use to access the patients’’ data, or in a case where employees misuse their privilege and leak critical information. The data breach has a significant effect on the company and the patients as well. It infringes the clients’ security placing their safety at risk and further affects t...

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